What do the hare and the tortoise have in common?

Of course, it's not the speed, or the attitude, they have in common the same thing that all living beings have in common.

Did you guess? Drink water!

We need this beautiful and wonderful source of life, we were designed to work properly with water, a lot of parts inside of our body need water to do their job in right way.

Like a flower or tree, they need water to grow, we need water to have a healthy life, cells are composed of water, that is why water is so important.

If you want to boost your metabolism or if you want to lose weight both goals have one thing in common drink water, we do not need magic formulas or detox drinks our body was designed to work with water.

To have a better life you need water, to have better performance in sports you need water, to have your skin or your cells hydrated you need water, I have a hundred more reasons, but these are the most important.

How do I start to drink more water? or How do I create good habits for drink water?

Set a daily goal

Set a reminder (alarms, timers, etc.)

Create a routine, an example if you set a timer and drink 8 oz every 45 minutes for 8 hours, you will drink 2.370 liters of water. It is an example, if you run you must drink a lot of water to be always hydrated and help your body with recovery.

One of the best practices is to drink 16 oz in this way: 8 oz just before going to sleep to help internal organs to do their job in the best way, and others 8 oz just when you open your eyes to help to wake up all your internal parts.

If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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