We don't need to be Hulk!

Updated: May 2

How many times have we thought running is easier than any other sport? But the reality is another. it’s one of the most difficult and hard sports we can do. When we run long distances and train for a Marathon, we destroy our body.

I meet people all the time and one of their goals is to be qualified for the Boston Marathon, and they usually begin with a huge motivation, but the first mistake is to start to run like a Roadrunner, from the first week to the end.

If they can survive to the end of the training without injury, usually with a training like that, the injuries come to them in the middle of the path or even worse, a few weeks before tapering, and all their dreams to achieve the Boston classification is gone like smoke. I know many people who try the same formula, one, two, and three times, but with the same results. If they only make a little change in the first 6 or 8 weeks, their dream will come true.

How will we do this? By doing in the first stage a strength training. And why is strength training so important? The answer is simple, with strength training we increase our efficiency, we improve endurance and reduce fatigue, we will have a faster pace and we will reduce the risk of injury.

We do not need to use a lot of weight in these sessions, we need to use the right weight, and a good technique to do a great routine.

Simply put, this will improve our running!

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